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Osteoarthritis – Our Changing Perspective

Osteoarthritis was once thought to be the result of a lifetime of mechanical wear and tear on our joints. As we move under the force of gravity throughout our lifetime, it was believed that our joints wore down, leading to the progressive loss of cartilage that cushions our joints and keeps them articulating smoothly and painlessly. It is this progressive loss of cartilage in our joints that defines osteoarthritis. Although trauma to our joints plays a role in the development of osteoarthritis, new research is pointing to the central role that inflammation plays in the development and progression of this debilitating disease.

Steven B. Abramson, M.D. and team at the NYU School of Medicine, in 2009 published their research findings, indicating pro-inflammatory chemicals (cytokines) in the body, such as IL-1β and TNF-α, play a key role in initiating the breakdown of joint cartilage. This revelation has opened many new treatment possibilities focused on the goal of reducing overall inflammation and inhibiting the destructive effects of particular cytokines. Since the research of Dr. Abramson indicates that blocking the activity of IL-1β can effectively halt continued cartilage deterioration, this may point toward novel, new treatment approaches that, if nothing else, can at least halt the progression of osteoarthritis.

I have found in my personal practice that this approach works extremely well. There are medical devices used to treat pain that are gentle, safe, completely painless and non-invasive such as Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM), and specific natural anti-inflammatory supplements that, when used in combination, quickly and dramatically reduce inflammation and block the activity of IL-1β and TNF-α. FSM is a novel new pain treatment method that applies extremely minute and imperceptible electrical frequencies to the body, and has been shown to reliably reduce inflammation by 62% in only 4 minutes. With the use of FSM and specific anti-inflammatory supplements, I have seen patient’s pain levels associated with OA drop from 10/10 to 1/10 in only 3 treatments, and maintain at 1-2/10 throughout their treatment course. This is life changing for many, giving them back their independence and ability to enjoy life again, and gives the field of medicine hope for a brighter future when dealing with chronic debilitating diseases like osteoarthritis.

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